Sunday feast: our new weekly ritual

The following is by factor Jaimie of Two Chicks and a Hen.

Over the summer season, I let our meal planning routines slide. There were journeys, food-laden events, picnics, and hot days that merely did not inspire me to prepare. Now that we are back into the school year routine, I am working more, and my eldest has homework for the first time, so I’d to reconsider our meal planning, food preparation, and consuming schedules.

I love food preparation, however when I am under pressure and have a load to think of and do, it can occasionally seem like a duty. I re-evaluated my technique and found several things:

1. Last academic year I put too much pressure on myself to serve a new homemade meal every evening. I’d prepare a full, from-scratch meal for each dinner, but I would not always manage to actually prepare them due to the fact that life often gets too active. I decided to stop feeling guilty about that and rather welcome a more streamlined strategy. And we always have leftovers anyhow, most recipes aren’t designed for one adult and 2 small children.

2. I needed to plan for things like baking muffins, roasting almonds, and so on. Merely “planning” to do them one week does not actually suggest it gets done.

3. With my elder little girl’s new duty as a homework-laden first grader, and both ladies’ have to go to sleep early, we cannot have the kind of relaxing family meals every night that I ‘d prefer. Sometimes we need things to be quick and easy, and this is just the way it’s right now. But I desired a method to alleviate the loss of quality household time.

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A weekly Sunday Feast

After some thought, I decided we ‘d start a weekly Sunday Feast ritual.

For us, a Sunday Feast looks like this:

It’s a mid-day meal. I have always suched as the concept of eating the biggest meal of the day in the afternoon, however that doesn’t work for many of us anymore. I thought it would be enjoyable to a minimum of attempt it when a week.

It actually is a little a feast. I prepare something huge (like a roasted chicken) along with copius side meals, baked goods, and dessert. The very early mealtime works better for this. The real reason for The Feast, nonetheless, is that I can prepare a long list of foods that we can then utilize as leftovers (for lunches, snacks, and a couple of suppers later on in the week).

It’s “fancy.”  OK, it’s not really fancy, but it’s elegant by our requirements. We consume at a well-equipped table, with a tablecloth, numerous candles, and whatever else is around that day. It’s in between a run of the mill regular meal and a vacation dinner.

Like most days, the kids assist me if they feel like it, and they often do.

It’s a meal made up of whatever is in the refrigerator. Counter to what you might anticipate, I do not do a huge buying trip for The Feast. I do ensure we’ve something big, like a chicken, however most of the rest of exactly what I make is planned as a way of ensuring we are consuming exactly what’s in the fridge.

So far this has indicated a great deal of things like carrot salad, homemade applesauce from slightly-soft apples forgotten in the bottom fridge drawer, and roasted veggies made from the different random bits of veggies left from other meals.

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Committing to a Sunday feast, dedicating to family time

I understand this isn’t an originality. Individuals in lots of cultures have constantly consumed a special weekly meal. But I think this is significantly unusual with our hectic lifestyles. Committing to a Sunday Feast indicates, first and foremost, committing to being home as a family from around noon or one till the end of the day. It indicates we don’t enroll in extracurriculars on that day, we don’t run around and do our errands, and we’ll not be making many social strategies unless they involve welcoming friends over to feast with us.

Starting to prepare in this means has really transformed the means I consider feeding my household. I now see Sunday as the anchor to the entire week’s eating. It’s the day I replenish our kitchen area with ready-to-eat food that couldn’t constantly be prepared on the day we consume it, but is at least still homemade. It’s a small compromise that keeps us with a consistent supply of healthy food and away from pre-packaged treats and meals.

And best of all, it’s enjoyable! There really is something special about it. My girls enjoy it as much as I do. It’s likewise relaxing although there’s a lot food preparation included. On the first Sunday feast, I’d my household fed, a fridge filled with freshly made homemade food, and a clean kitchen area by 4:30 in the afternoon. I’ll take my enjoyment where I can get it.

What kinds of meal routines do you share with your family? Do your family’s meals follow a regular cycle?