The Best Breakfast for Your Blood Pressure

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Tastier than popping a pill.

Whip up an omelet, keep your heart pumping. Eating egg whites routinely could be just as effective in decreasing your blood pressure as taking certain medications, according to a new research presented at the conference of the American Chemical Society.

When hypertensive rats were fed a certain peptide in egg whites called RVPSL, their blood pressure lowered. More good news: The quantity of RVPSL the rodents were provided was similar to a low amount of Captopril, a blood-pressure-lowering medicine.

Previous researches have actually exposed that the egg white peptide function as an ACE-inhibitor– which helps unwind capillary, consequently reducing your blood pressure– much in the same way Captopril and various other high-blood-pressure medications work.

Of course, rats are not people– so more research is needed. In the meantime, though, they are worthy stand-ins, say experts, and one day egg whites might be used to deal with hypertension in combo with medication.

So keep on consuming eggs, and enjoy plenty of various other wellness perks while doing so. They are loaded with protein (6 grams per egg), low in calories (72 per egg), and include 2 amino acids– tryptophan and tyrosine– that have high antioxidant homes.