The Best Way to Moisten Goalie Gloves

The Best Way to Moisten Goalie Gloves

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Top goalkeepers at telecasted soccer matches don’t be reluctant on camera to spit on their gloves as they prepare to handle corner kicks or charge shots. It could resemble a worried practice when they’re particularly under pressure, but the practice highlights the very best features in particular latex-palmed gloves. You can follow a moistening routine to obtain the most out of performance-quality and even practice-only goalie gloves.

Step 1

Test your gloves at practice. Spritz the palms with a spray bottle of water till they’re wet if they’re all-weather or dry-weather gloves. Rinse them in warm water if they’re developed for use in the rain. Try various levels of dampness up until you find the perfect balance where the palms tack onto the ball as opposed to feel too dry or too wet, such that the ball doesn’t abide by the glove or alternatively skids off the palms.

Step 2

Take a spritzer with you into the goal location at the start of each half and put it on the ground simply inside of and somewhat behind the goalpost inside the net, where you can reach it during lulls in the action. If a spritzer is not readily available, pour a couple of drops of water from your canteen. If the ball is coming to you rapidly, spit on your palms as a last hope.

Step 3

Rinse and dry your gloves after the game to eliminate spit, sweat and grime. Wash the gloves in lukewarm water with a drop or two of mild cleaning agent. Press the water out and hang the gloves to dry gradually at space temperature level.