The Best Ways to Pan Fry Steaks

How to Cook a Steak on Grill Pan and Finish in Oven

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Starting a steak in a grill pan and finishing it in an oven is a reliable technique for producing a steak with a crusty exterior and tender within. The ridges of the grill pan let you produce marks much like an outdoor grill, while the oven offers a continuous temperature level for internal food preparation. Using high, concentrated heat to scorch the outside of the meat, then completing the within in an oven, lets you produce the right steak for you.

Step 1

Remove the meat from your refrigerator and let it reach space temperature. A cold steak won’t heat up evenly, the outside will prepare faster than the in, developing a burnt, uncommon or dry steak. Cut excess fat from the steak while it’s cold if you ‘d like a healthier steak.

Step 2

Lightly oil and season the steak. Olive oil is a healthy, monounsaturated option. More-refined ranges have a higher smoke point than extra virgin and could be a better selection if you are in an enclosed location and do not have a strong range fan. Other good choices consist of canola and peanut oil. Use a large-grain salt, salt merges the pan at high heat and leaves the meat.

Step 3

Heat the grill pan on high heat for a steak of 1 inch or even more in density and medium-high for a thinner steak. Turn the oven on to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a thicker steak and 450 degrees for a thinner steak.

Step 4

Place the steak in the grill pan and it let sear for one minute per side. Turn the steak with tongs to prevent poking the hole and letting juice run out.

Step 5

Open the oven and place the steak inside for 2 minutes. Turn the steak and cook it for 2 minutes more for a medium-rare steak. Cook the steak longer at a lower temperature level for a medium, medium-well or well-done steak.

Step 6

Remove the steak from the oven and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t cut the steak till it’s rested to let its juices reabsorb into the meat.