The Health Benefits of Sage Oil

Sage can be consumed fresh as a fragrant herb, made into tea or used in an oil preparation.

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This common plant and herb has actually been made use of as a solution to treat common complaints such as colds and stomach discomfort. Herbalists have been dealing with sage given that the 16th century. Historically, it’s been used thoroughly in the Middle East, according to H.U. Gali-Muhatsib in a 2000 article in ‘Phytomedicine.’ Sage oil is removed from the leaves of the sage plant. It’s likewise known as Salvia libanotica. Any individual considering herbal or natural therapies need to get in touch with a doctor or various other healthcare professional.

Skin Cancer Prevention

In 2000, a study on mice figured out that sage oil reduced skin tumor development. The research study was conducted by the Division of Biology, American College of Beirut, Lebanon and published in the journal, ‘Phytomedicine,’ The researchers concluded that sage oil might be an effective chemo preventive agent versus skin cancer cells.

Memory Tonic

Nicola Tildesley is main analyst on a task learning sage oil effects on memory, published in the journal ‘Pharmacology, Biochemistry and biology and Behavior’ and funded by Oxford Natural Products. She thinks that sage oil improves short-term memory. In her research in 2003, sage oil improved the short-term memory of healthy young people provided a list of words to remember. Sage is presently being researched for prospective treatment in people with Alzheimer’s illness and dementia.


Sage is very aromatic and could be utilized for different ailments as an aroma-therapeutic oil. Sage, along with fennel, aniseed, and clary-sage have estrogen-like substances. The Mayo Center reports that, when made use of as aromatherapy, these fragrances might assist to alleviate pain connected with premenstrual syndrome and menopause. The center alerts that there are few human researches to corroborate these claims.