The Lemon Juice Diet: Myth or Fact


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Myth of Truth: Can a Lemon Juice Diet plan Promote Weight management?

The internet is fulled of claims that lemons are a secret weapon in the fight against fat. A quick Google search on ‘lemon juice diet’ yields almost 20 million results. Among the more popular diet plan ideas is that lemons advertise weight reduction by assisting the body get rid of fat. We all know lemons include taste to our favorite foods and drinks, however can they truly help us reduce weight too? To identify if this is a diet plan misconception or reality, we combed the current clinical literature to uncover the fact!

Lemons, like other fruits and vegetables, are rich in many vitamins, minerals, and compounds called phytochemicals. In particular, they’re high in vitamin C. There’s some study that suggests vitamin C plays a role in exactly how fat is metabolized in the body. Vitamin C is needed to make carnitine, a molecule that’s associated with fat oxidation (exactly how the body breaks down fat and utilizes it for energy), so it could’ve some influence on body composition.1

Research from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition discovered that individuals who’d adequate levels of vitamin C had the ability to break down considerably more fat throughout exercise compared with those with suboptimal levels. Simply puts, the participants’ vitamin C condition affected the amount of fat might be used during workout. Likewise, researchers likewise demonstrated a small connection in between vitamin C status and body mass, those who’d enough intake of vitamin C had the tendency to have a lower body mass index then those who did not.1

While these searchings for are interesting, they do not entirely support the idea that lemons assist us slim down. This research study looked at exercise performance as an outcome rather of weight loss, meanings the outcomes of the research study can not be generalized into a strand alone strategy for weight decrease. Currently, there’s no strong evidence to reveal that lemons or vitamin C impact weight management, and more research is should completely comprehend vitamin C’s duty in fat oxidation and its relationship to body composition.

Other studies suggest that particular compounds in lemons, called polyphenols, may prevent weight gain in animals, however these researches are initial. In one research study from the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, researchers found that weight gain was reduced in rats that were fed a high fat diet when it was supplemented with lemons. They attributed this searching for to the polyphenols increasing exactly how fat is broken down for energy.2 Because these effects have actually not been learnt in people and researchers don’t completely comprehend the relationship between polyphenol materials and fat metabolic rate, no definitive claims can be produced humans.

Still, you should not throw out your lemons! There are various other good reasons for keeping them in your diet. Although lemons may not be a magic bullet for weight loss, there are other ways they can be a dieter’s buddy. Lemons are extremely flavorful and normally low in calories. They can be added to dishes and drinks to take full advantage of taste while minimizing calories, fat, sugar and salt – and eliminating calorie-containing refreshments is terrific method to assist advertise weight loss and general wellness. Lemons might likewise help you stay healthy in various other methods. One review from the Current Opinion of Lipidology, found that specific flavonoids in lemons and other citrus fruit may have safety results versus swelling in the body and could likewise have some influence on blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels.3 Though more study is needed to verify these health advantages, it’s as an excellent reminder of how vital it’s to consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables in our diets!

The bottom line? While present research does not support the concept that lemons are a magic bullet for weight reduction, there’s some evidence that the vitamin C in lemons plays a function in exactly how the body metabolizes fat. And various other substances in lemons might’ve wellness benefits beyond weight reduction. For lasting weight reduction there’s still no fast repair. Workout and consuming a range of healthy foods are still your best bet.


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– Contributed by Greta Kollmann

Dietetic Intern 2013– 2014 and MS Candidate in Nourishment and Exercise Physiology

Teachers University, Columbia University.