The Magic Formula For A Healthy Lunch

i love kale

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It’s embarrassing to confess, however even as a technically expanded woman, I struggle with packing lunch and bringing it to work. I am lazy and absent-minded and a lot of the time, I ‘d rather run out to grab a beer with buddies than even consider the truth that I’ll be alive and famished in 15 hours. Planning ahead feels like such a commitment and I hate dedication practically as much as I dislike obligations and being truthful about my sensations. Heading out to lunch or simply skipping the meal is not really exercising for me financially or health-wise, so I am trying to alter my means.

I don’t have a lot of cookware, skills or focus on spare, so lunches I make will have to be basic. To complex areas further, I am attempting to live permanently, so I’d like my lunches to be healthy. Taking motivation from my responsible pal’s daily lunchbox and incredibly scrumptious morsels I get when I am not shame-eating pizza, I think I’ve actually broken the code to the perfect lunch that’ll not ever get uninteresting.

The magic formula:

1 grain + 1 Leafy veggie + 1 Vegetable or Root Vegetable + Cheese = Delicious lunch

How adjustable is that shit? Mix and match different ranges of each part for flexible tastes and vitamins. Add more vegetables and spices if you desire– the accountable friend who influenced this post even adds a poached egg. It becomes an elegant gruel when you mix it all up. An elegant gruel of your own. My favorite mix is red quinoa with kale, chick greens, beets, green beans and feta.

The beauty of the fancy gruel formula is that it improves in the refrigerator (if you add the cheese right before you consume), so you can make a big batch then go at it for days.

Please let me know if you’ve any concepts for easy lunches for lazy morons who do not wish to consume peanut butter sandwiches every day forever.