The New Brain Vitamin

Vitamin B tablet

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Brains in a bottle?

B is for brainy. New research in PNAS finds that B vitamins could help avoid Alzheimer’s.

Men with moderate intellectual problems (MCI) took high doses of B vitamins, including folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. After 2 years, those guys lost significantly less grey issue– a key look into keeping your capability to stay sharp– in brain areas related to Alzheimer’s than a placebo group.

B vitamins (specifically B12) help your body digest homocysteine, an amino acid in blood that’s linked to brain shrinking. High levels of homocysteine are likewise related to heart problem.

It’s unclear if popping B vitamins at a more youthful age can fend off future intellectual decrease, and megadoses are not suggested. But keeping homocysteine levels low– which B can do– is key for healthy brain performance, states study coauthor Gwenaelle Douaud, Ph.D., of the College of Oxford.

Patients who’d reduced levels of homocysteine at the start of the research (and just were not taking supplements) delighted in as much brain protection as the B vitamin group.

For a boost, attempt foods naturally rich in B12, like strengthened cereal, salmon, trout, and dairy. One Australian research discovered that middle-aged men with ample B intakes stated better memory functioning than those who fell short.