The Problems With Having An Acidic Body

Some people do feel that having a body that is usually high in acid is a poor thing. This is why alkaline water is assumed to be so helpful. People feel that having an acidic body can result in a variety of problems, although it is thought that the body is qualified of keeping a great PH balance as long as it is getting the appropriate foods and is kept clear of toxins.

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Bone Loss: The Issues With Having An Acidic Body

There has been research study to reveal that excessive acid in the body could result in bone loss. This is because bones keep calcium which controls the PH of the body. If blood gets acidic then calcium is drawn from the bones to neutralise the blood as well as this could result in troubles with the bones. The root causes of acid in the blood are believed to be a diet regimen too high in polished sugar, flour, dairy products and meat, although this point of view does appear to differ. By preventing these things or having more alkaline products in the diet such as veggies and fruit as well as the alkaline water, it is really felt the bones will certainly be healthier. However, there has been hardly any research study carried out in order to locate out whether the water alone can have a huge impact or whether nutritional modifications will certainly be better.


There are some people that feel that it is a combination of sugars as well as acid that cause cancer cells and also consequently feel that the alcohol consumption of alkaline water will avoid this. They really feel the alkaline residential properties of the water will neutralise the acid in the body and stop the cancer cells from spreading. No research study has been performed on individuals just drinking this water with no other cancer drug to see whether it works alone as a remedy as so this is not advised. Additionally, no longitudinal studies have been lugged out to evaluate the lengthy term impacts of the water.

Tooth Decay

It is plaque acid that causes negative breath and decays teeth. This means that anything that could lower the acid in the mouth will help to stop both of these. The alkaline water is for that reason a manner in which this can be done. Preventing pleasant beverages as well as ones with acid will additionally aid to safeguard the teeth as well as faucet water has a neutral PH and so although it will not neutralise the acid, it will not cause as much damages as fruit juice or soda.


There have actually been some experiments carried out on rats to see whether alkaline water could help to reduced the occurrence of diabetes. The results looked fairly appealing yet the rats were given an alkaline water supplemented with magnesium, which has actually been discovered to help diabetes mellitus. This implies that it is tough to recognize whether it was the magnesium or the water that assisted. In people changing sweet soft drinks and fruit juices with any type of kind of water will help to reduce the possibility of having diabetes mellitus as the amount of sugar taken in will be significantly reduced.