These Boozy Cupcakes Exist, So You're Welcome

image, mens dietI need to admit, there are few things that I like more than alcohol and cupcakes. My girlfriend has unfortunately concerned terms with this truth. So when I recently heard tales about a pastry shop in lower Manhattan that makes mini cupcakes flavored with grownup beverages, my ears perked up. I promptly dropped everything I was doing (it wasn’t much) and I skedaddled to Prohibition Bakery.

I was welcomed by 2 smiling ladies in baking aprons when I strolled in. Regrettably their friendly faces couldn’t compete with the reality that the entire place smelled scrumptious. Behind the women I identified baking equipment and bottles of liquor. “God, I want to thank you for sending me to heaven, it’s exactly how I visualized it.”image, womens diet

They offer 12 year-round tastes of your preferred bar specialties, along with a couple of virgin ones also. Yes, that is correct, given that they do make use of alcohol in their item, you can not leave your ID at home. I had the luxury of trying a few of their great sellers, which included an Old Fashioned, Car Bomb, White Russian and Birthday Cake. I have to say, the flavors were spot on. The very first one I bit into was the Old Fashioned and not just can you taste the bourbon, however you can taste everything about the mixed drink – the orange, the bitters and the cherry. Which, I need to include, is actually the cherry on top of this cupcake. If you are a fan of the real beverage, you will absolutely like this flavor.

The others did the same. The second I bit into the Vehicle Bomb, I felt like I was sitting in an Irish club where Guinness and Baileys streamed freely. In between the chocolate and the Irish cream, it’s a real example of a dessert. And the Birthday Cake? Well, let’s just say it reminded me of that time when I was in college and shots of flavored vodka were the cool thing to do. Only their cupcake decreases much easier with its lemon enthusiasm and sweet icing on top. For each one of my coffee lovers out there, the White Russian is certainly the route you want to take. It’s made with real espresso and topped with a coffee bean to give it that additional touch. I’m thinking that it would taste wonderful for morning meal. What? You’ve never poured a little Kahlua in your coffee before visiting the workplace? Possibly it’s just me … image, health foods

Prohibition Pastry shop is hidden on Clinton St. in the Lower East Side section of New york city City. Keep in mind when visiting to kindly consume properly. Also, be sure to head there soon if you’re in New york city to attempt their brand-new seasonal flavors as well. Unlike every other bakery/restaurant/Starbucks in New York, pumpkin isn’t really their favorite flavor.