This Beer-Flavored Latte is Going to Put the Pumpkin Spice Latte Out of Business

starbucks is testing a new beer flavored latte, health foodsEver reach that point in the day where you’re walking the fine line in between needing another hit of caffeine and needing (or really wanting, no judgements) a beverage? Consider each one of your drink requires met with a brand-new drink Starbucks is currently testing– a coffee that tastes like beer. If this isn’t really killing 2 birds with one stone, I don’t know what is.

This new Holy Grail of liquids is in the exact same taste family as stout beers and is appropriately named the ‘Dark Barrel Latte”. The beverage is topped with whipped cream, caramel, and a ‘chocolaty stout flavored sauce’. I don’t even care how vague that sounds, my mouth actually just watered.

If any of this sounds too great to be true, that’s due to the fact that it effectively may be. The beverage is just being checked at select places in Ohio and Florida (so I guess everyone else can just stop checking out today– sorry to get your hopes up).

‘We’re anticipating finding out more from the test, but do not have added details to share on future availability of this item in our shops,’ a Starbucks representative stated in a statement.

So, what are the lucky guinea pigs in the test markets saying about the new drink? The jury is still out. Tweets to the company fell along the ‘# MustHave’ to ‘# Horrid’ continuum, so I think you cannot make everyone pleased.

Those people who could never get the possibility to sample the Dark Barrel Latte can a minimum of take some little convenience in the knowledge that there is no actual alcohol in the drink. I repeat, the liquor content is zero.

But do not worry. You can still buy a Pinot Noir at 40 practical Starbucks places across the country.