This Restaurant Has The Balls To Throw The Word Artisinal In Front Of An Ice Cube and Charge For It

dc restaraunt charges for ice cubes, mens dietJust when you thought the food video game in this nation might not potentially become more pretentious, a D.C. dining establishment is making headings with its ‘artisanal ice’. Let that sink in. Frozen water is now inexplicably denoted as artisanal. And for the luxury of including ICE to your beverage, you will be charged $1 per cube.

Did anybody else just briefly re-think their citizenship, since I know I did.

In an interview with The Washington City Paper, bar manager Phil Clark had this to state about the area’s fancy-as-eff ice cubes: ‘It’s worth it.’ ‘When it enters into a mixed drink, it’s crystal clear. It’s detoxified water, so there’s no minerally taste.’

No minerally taste. One, minerally isn’t really even a word and two, purchase a freaking Brita filter like the rest people. Seriously. This is AMERICA, not Botswana. The drinking water is A+ in most places, and I’m quite sure the country’s capital is among them. We don’t need your purified ice at a dollar a pop to trick us into spending more money than is affordable or required. And how are these ice cubes even being given? Do I have to request how many will be contributed to my cocktail or will certainly they just be included at random, racking up a tab greater than one that might be incurred at dollar beer night?

Look, I stay in New York. I get that the snob element is strangely attracting specific crowds. I have actually dropped $20 on a vodka tonic that was more tonic than vodka all in the name of drinking on a roof with a view, so I comprehend. But it takes an unique kind of establishment to raise ice to something that can evolve into class warfare. The haves and the have-nots. The purified and the freezer-burned.

Between this and ebola, I declare this is the beginning of completion of society as we understand it. If you need me, I’ll be stockpiling my generic ice trays in a bunker somewhere.