This Woman Lived In A KFC After Getting Dumped, Proves Love Comes And Goes, But Fried Chicken Is Forever

KFC Chicken Wings, health foods

How did you survive your last breakup?

Maybe you composed bad, sad poetry in your Notes application and also Instagrammed it to the world (note: don’t do that). Or possibly you considered Tinder (ugh). During one specifically harsh spot, I informed any individual who would listen to me that my ex-spouse was a ‘c-word’ (no, not that c-word– I suggest a coward). The reality of the concern is, we all deal with sorrow, and also sometimes, yes, a bruised ego, differently.

But I assume there’s one lady which’s finally got the entire ‘wallowing’ thing to a science. And that lady is Tan Shen, 26, from Chengdu, China. Shen invested a week at a 24-hour KFC after being disposed by her sweetheart, drowning her sorrows in poultry wings as well as fries.

Bringing a brand-new meaning to the term, “emotional eating,” Shen ordered wings as well as fries numerous times a day throughout her remain. She had actually only suggested to ‘drop in’ the KFC near a train station by her house, however instead wound up remaining for an entire week since she, “required time to think.”

Shen, who even called in sick to work, told reporters:

“I hadn’t planned on staying there long, I merely desired some chicken wings.’

Employees beginninged to get concerned, yet just after day three. As well as by then, Shen was a loyal consumer, so they would not long for kicking her out.

Eventually, though, she obtained unwell of the media attention (and maybe even acquired unwell of fried chicken as well as started yearning Taco Bell) as well as went back home. I likewise presume she hadn’t billed her phone all week, as well as wanted to view if her ex had texted her yet.

While this might not be a regular method to grieve, I cannot decide if it’s far better or even worse compared to downing a whole container of affordable red wine prior to composing a quite personal, genuine post regarding the very unfortunate, very, extremely upsetting encounter (not that I’ve ever done that). To be truthful, it’s probably better. Shen never ever– a minimum of, to my understanding– scolded or belittled her ex-spouse, in spite of her opportunity to do so facing the media. Now that’s a classy lady.

Maybe there’s hope for the couple! (Joke). However if not, I think Shen will certainly be ALRIGHT. The female clearly knows how to manage her sorrow in a (kinda) healthy and balanced way– well, at the very least not in a way that includes drinking, medicines, or STDs.

I just wish someday chicken wings make her happy enough to do this: