Tips on Taking Calcium If You're Underweight

People who’re underweight might don’t have necessary vitamins and minerals such as calcium. Calcium is required in the body for the development and maintenance of healthy bones. Without appropriate amounts of calcium, the risk of fractures and osteoporosis boosts. Underweight individuals may be more prone to inadequate calcium levels due to bad food and calorie consumption, causing poor nutrition. An undernourished individual should increase her calcium intakes under a doctor’s guidance with calcium supplements and food sources.


It’s very important to take calcium supplements at the proper times to ensure optimal absorption rates. According to, calcium is finest soaked up when it’s taken in smaller doses of 500 to 600 milligrams or less at a time. If your everyday dosage is 1,000 milligrams or even more of calcium, think about splitting it up into 2 or more dosages throughout the day. Constantly check out the labels of supplements to determine just how much calcium is in one tablet or tablet.

With Food

Many calcium supplements contain calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. Check the product label to determine ingredients. Calcium carbonate can be difficult for the belly to soak up, leading to calcium insufficiency or digestion upset such as cramping and queasiness. Avoid these dangers by taking your supplement with food as consuming produces acids in the stomach that assist take in the carbonate. Calcium citrate may be taken with or without food.


Many medications, especially prescribed medications, could interrupt the absorption of calcium in the body. Individuals who’re undernourished for a medical reason could be taking other medications consisting of antibiotics, thyroid medication or antidepressants. Moreover, they may be supplementing with extra vitamin and mineral supplements. It’s essential that you speak to a physician to determine the effect other medicines could carry calcium supplements. Generally, you stay clear of any communications by timing your dosages several hours apart.

Food Sources

Calcium is likewise present in lots of foods. While it’s typically suggested to rely on food sources as your main kind of vitamins and mineral intake, an underweight person may need the additional benefit of supplements while he deals with improving his diet plan. Eating foods high in calcium also supplies other important nutrients such as protein and healthy fats, in addition to other minerals and vitamins. Healthy selections to carry out into your diet consist of milk, cheese, yogurt, dark leafy green vegetables, canned salmon, sardines and fortified breads or grains.