Toast! 7 Cool Summer Drinks


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In summer season, a pitcher of iced tea beckoning from the fridge can restore the sweatiest day. When I require some peace of mind after a long summertime commute, I try not to forget how cold beverages, from flavored teas to fruity cocktails, can help eliminate the result of the damp weather, sticky subway, and growling however necessary window ac unit facility.

This summertime, I’ll be mixing up new cocktails and downing no-recipe-needed cold beer. For this first warm front, I assembled my favorite beverages from summers past. What’ll you be sipping?

**6 Cool Summer Drinks**

1. Iced Strawberry Green Tea. A twist on iced green tea that makes the most of in-season strawberries, utilizing them to produce a syrup, which then sweetens the tea.

2. Chai Tea Latte. The milky, sweet, spiced tea qualifies as both a beverage and an afternoon snack. Modification up the formula as you choose, including even more honey for your sweet tooth or additional cardamom for extra earthiness.

3. Sun Tea. Last season, I got obsessed with keeping a container of sun tea in my fridge at all times. As hydrating as water, the tea kept me cool and quenched, especially the non-caffeinated variations. With sun tea, the tea steeps in the cold fridge, so you never even have to trouble with boiling water.

4. Easy Peach Limeade. In this no-cook beverage, peaches marinade in lime juice and sugar to produce a nectar as stunning in color as it’s delicious in taste. Serve with crackly plum cake for a summertime version of afternoon tea.

5. Homemade Lemonade. Squeezing lemons and dissolving sugar into hot water are all it takes to develop the hot-weather beverage crucial: lemonade. I am incapable to resist the combination of puckery and sweet and discover it unbelievably cooling, too. Attempt including vodka after 5pm!

6. Homemade Ginger Ale. The spiciness of fresh ginger root takes this thyme-spiked version of Schweppes to the next level. This is an impressive potion, particularly if you pour in a glug of gin to craft your very own Gin & Gingers.

7. Adolescent Dream, a Pineapple Cocktail. I am ending with a Saturday-night favored gone fresh. Blended fresh pineapple combineded with mint and vodka is cooling, and it’s impossible not to relax with among these in your hand. Find a porch somewhere-these are indicated for outdoor sipping.