Top 11 `Diet` Foods That Make You Fat Instead of Thin

Nutrition is full of all form of lies, myths as well as misconceptions.

What people state to be true is often the exact reverse of the truth.

Here are 11 ‘diet’ foods that are really making individuals fatter.

1. Breakfast Cereals

So-called ‘healthy and balanced’ cereals are the most awful meals you can possibly dining at the beginning of the day.


They are usually loaded with sugar as well as fine-tuned carbs, which are several of one of the most fattening active ingredients in existence.

Starting your day of rest experiencing a processed grain will increase your blood sugar level as well as insulin levels. When your blood sugar crashes a couple of several hours later on, your body will certainly require one more snack high in refined carbohydrates (3).

This is the blood sugar roller coaster that is familiar to folks on high-carb diets.

Seriously … READ the label. Most breakfast grains, also those experiencing health cases like ‘low-fat’ or ‘whole grain’ on the package deal, are generally loaded with sugar.

If you’re hungry in the morning, consume breakfast … however select something unrefined which has healthy protein in it (like eggs and veggies).

If you really must eat grain for morning meal, discover one that doesn’t like sugar or very refined grains.

Bottom Line: A lot of commercial breakfast grains are high in sugar as well as refined carbohydrates, which are very fattening and extremely unhealthy.

2. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar (or Agave syrup) is usually marketed as an organic alternative to sugar and high fructose corn syrup.


The issue with Agave, is that it is not healthy and balanced at all. It is also worse than sugar.

One of the primary factors sugar is so undesirable, is that it includes too much amounts of the simple sugar fructose.

Whereas sugar contains 50 % fructose, Agave contains as significantly as 70-90 %!

Of course, small amounts of fructose from fruit are thin, however eating excessive amounts from added sugars could have damaging results on metabolic health.

High quantities of fructose could trigger insulin resistance and also constantly raised degrees of the body fat keeping hormonal agent insulin.

It could likewise trigger high triglycerides, raised blood sugar level, damaging effects on your cholesterol, stomach weight problems and a lot of various other metabolic problems.

If you believe you’re doing your body a support by replacing sugar with Agave, reconsider. You’re really making tips worse.

Instead, use a natural sweetener that is reduced in fructose.

Bottom Line: Agave ares higher in fructose than sugar and also high fructose corn syrup. Too much fructose usage is strongly related to excessive weight as well as all kind of metabolic diseases.

3. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat is typically advised as a healthy and balanced choice to fine-tuned wheat.

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Well … it holds true. Whole wheat is, at the minimum, ‘much less bad’ compared to improved wheat.

But one of the primary issue experiencing a lot of entire grain foods, is that they aren’t made from actual whole grains. It is an advertising ploy.

Almost without exemption, the grains have actually been pulverized into extremely great flour that is merely as quickly absorbable as well as spikes blood sugar equally as fast as the improved grains.

In truth, entire wheat bread has a glycemic index (a step of how swiftly meals spike blood glucose) that is merely as high as regular white bread.

Whole wheat bread could house a bit a lot more fiber and some more nutrients, however there really isn’t really significantly distinction when it attacks your system.

Plus, there actually is NO nutrient in wheat (whole or refined) that you can’t acquire in also better quantities from various other foods.

There are some grains available that appear to be healthy and balanced for individuals who can allow them, but wheat most definitely does NOT belong during that category.

Many researches reveal that wheat (even ‘heart-healthy’ entire wheat) could cause illness, especially in people who are delicate to gluten (9, 10, 11).

Bottom Line: Whole wheat bread is normally not made experiencing real whole grains. It increases blood glucose merely as fast as white bread as well as could contribute to different health problems.

4. Granola

If granola is made with real ingredients, it absolutely could be healthy.

But it deals with the exact same trouble as most various other ‘health and wellness foods.’

When the meals makers begin mass generating them, they modify them in a method that they typically aren’t healthy and balanced anymore.

Granola includes some healthy and balanced components like oats and also nuts, but when you sugarcoat and oil to it as well as integrate it in a bundle that motivates overconsumption, then it isn’t healthy and balanced anymore.

Bottom Line: Granola is often highly refined as well as includes sugarcoated as well as oil. It is really energy dense and also simple to overconsume.

5. Low Fat Yogurt 

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Yogurt is frequently thought about to be a healthy meals … and it is.

But the issue is that most yogurt found forthcoming is low-fat yogurt … which is highly refined garbage.

When meals makers remove the fat from meals, they taste awful. That’s why they include an entire bunch of other stuff to compensate for the absence of fat.

In the case of natural yogurt, they often include sugar, high fructose corn syrup or some type of fabricated sweetener.

But new researches are showing that hydrogenated fat is really harmless … so low-fat natural yogurt has actually had the good stuff eliminated, simply to be changed with something that is much, much worse.

There is also no evidence that dairy products body fat adds to weight problems. One study showed that individuals which ate the most high-fat milk products were the least most likely to end up being obese!

So … eat genuine, full-fat natural yogurt, but stay clear of low-fat natural yogurt like the plague.

Bottom Line: Low-fat yogurt is natural yogurt that has had the excellent things (saturated fat) removed, simply to be replaced with something much worse, like sugar.

6. Commercial Salad Dressings

Vegetables are quite healthy and balanced. They’re loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, soluble fiber and also various goodies.

For this factor, salads are typically very healthy meals.

However, a great deal of individuals don’t like the dull taste of veggies, so they add dressing to their salads.

The problem with the majority of commercial dressings is that they’re made with nasty ingredients like soybean oil as well as high fructose corn syrup.

It is far better to make your very own dressing. Something experiencing extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and some spices is a much more healthy option.

Obviously, salad dressings could likewise be quite high in calories and it is very easy to eat a great deal of them, which could be a significant problem.

Bottom Line: A lot of commercial salad dressings house unhealthy elements like high fructose corn syrup as well as soy bean oil. It is considerably better to make your own.

7. Fruit Juices 

Fruit juice is frequently regarded as healthy and balanced … it originates from fruit, right?

Well, not constantly. In some cases ‘fruit juice’ is in fact simply fruit flavorful sugar water.

There may not even be any actual fruit in there … it may just be water, sugar and also some chemicals that taste like fruit.

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But also IF you can obtain your practical actual, 100 % fruit juice, you still shouldn’t be consuming it (or a minimum of not much).

The problem with fruit juice, is that it resembles fruit except with all of the great stuff taken out.

Whole fruits do have some sugar, yet it is bound within the fibrous cell wall surfaces, which reduces down the launch of the sugar into the bloodstream.

But fruit juice is different … there’s no fiber, no chewing resistance and also nothing to quit you from downing large quantities of sugar immediately. One mug of orange juice includes practically as much sugar as two whole orange.

The sugar material of fruit juice is in fact extremely much like sugar-sweetened drinks like Coca Cola.

So… eat whole fruit, but avoid fruit juice if you’re attempting to lose weight.

Bottom Line: Fruit juice is high in sugar, yet has no fiber. It is really easy to consume substantial amounts of sugar from fruit juice.

8. Diet Soft Drinks 

One of the best adjustments for many people to make, is to replace sugar-sweetened beverages experiencing diet soda.

This is an efficient way to decrease both sugar and also calories in the diet.

However … the studies do not assist that this results in actual weight management. Folks which change sugary soda with diet soft drink do not wind up considering less.

The reason could be that sweetening agents can stimulate the cravings in some individuals. Despite the fact that the sugars themselves are calorie totally free, they may make you consume more of various other foods.

That being claimed, a great deal of individuals can drop weight consuming diet regimen soft drink, yet that’s probably because they’re altering a bunch of other things as well.

As experiencing a lot of things, this depends on the company. By itself, simply switching over to diet regimen soft drink is not likely to assist and also might even make things worse for some people.

Bottom Line: Unnaturally sweetened refreshments have no sugar and also no calories, yet some researches reveal that they can stimulate the appetite.

9. “Organic” Processed Foods

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Organic entire meals are outstanding, yet processed organic meals are not.

When you look at the ingredients tags for numerous of these natural, ‘healthy’ dish installation bars, biscuits, treats, etc. then you view that they truly aren’t that substantially different from other refined foods.

Sure, they might have Organic Walking cane Sugar instead of routine sugar … yet organic sugar is equally as bad as normal sugar. Your liver will not inform the difference.

So … eat entire, solitary element meals (natural if you can manage it) yet prevent natural refined foods.

Bottom Line: Although natural whole foods are healthy, a great deal of natural however junk foods are made experiencing unhealthy elements like sugar.

10. Trail Mixes

Trail mixes typically include dried out fruit, nuts or peanuts, often together with some delicious chocolate as well as grains.

This is a very energy thick treat. The dried out fruit has a great deal of concentrated sugar as well as the nuts are loaded experiencing fat in a thick package.

For this reason, it is outstanding when you need a bunch of energy … such as when you’re hiking.

However, many people today are NOT dealing with an absence of energy.

Trail combines are high-carb As Well As high-fat at the exact same time, which is a terriblecombination if you are attempting to lose weight.

That being said, path mixes are fine if you don’t consume way too much at a time.

Bottom Line: Trail blends are quite energy dense and are an exceptional snack for individuals that require energy. However, they are high in both carbs and also fat at the very same time, which is a bad mix if fat burning is your goal.

11. Gluten Free Junk Foods

Gluten free is popular these days.

According to one 2013 survey, a third of Americans are actively attempting to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets.

The food suppliers have actually followed suit as well as brought all types of gluten-free substitute products to the markets.


The issue is that they are usually just as bad as their gluten having counterparts.

These foods are often made with extremely fine-tuned carbohydrates, sugar and also numerous chemicals.

If you’re going to get rid of gluten, after that choose foods that are naturally gluten totally free (like plants as well as pets)… NOT refined gluten-free foods.

Junk meals experiencing ‘gluten cost-free’ on the label is still scrap food.

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