Top Healthy Kitchen Gadgets!

Top Healthy Kitchen Gadgets!

When it concerns making fast, healthy, and tasty meals, even top nutritional experts can utilize a little of help in the kitchen area. Excellent devices (and sous chef … if you can get your hands on one!) make meal preparation much easier, much faster and more enjoyable. I asked some of my preferred signed up dietitian foodies to share their top kitchen device picks.

Kit Broihier, MS, RD, LD, food and nourishment author and owner of NutriComm Inc:

Misto sprayer

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Oil Misters

“I cannot get enough of my oil mister. Why purchase chemically nonstick food preparation spray when you can turn mist your own oil with a simple non-aerosol oil mister? Just fill the container with extra virgin olive oil (or your favorite food preparation oil) and use it as you’d a nonstick food preparation spray. I utilize mine everyday to cut the fat in my dishes. I spray my pans so food doesn’t stick, it’s great for veggies that you wish to barbecue or roast.

chefnHand Held Mandoline

“Among the best time-saving tools in my kitchen is my hand held mandoline. There’s nothing rather like it for slicing veggies quick. Typical mandolines can bring about cut fingertips and lost nails due to the sharpness of the blade and the lack of protection for your working hand. So I utilize The Chef ‘n SleekSlice because it’s a collapsible mandoline that’s a take care of to keep your priceless fingers away from the blade. It likewise has four thickness settings so you can set it to paper thin up to 1/4-inch thick pieces.”

Christen Cupples Cooper, MS, RD, creator of Cooper Nutrition Education and Communications:

Oven Rotisserie

all-clad-waffle-makerWaffle Maker

Iron Griddle

Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, culinary nutritional expert and author of 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes:

herryCherry Pitter

Ilaria St. Florian MS, RD, Clinical Dietitian at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Ct:

Color coded cutting boards

Katherine Brooking MS, RD, Co-founder

Actifry WhiteT-fal Actifry

Vitamix Blender