Valentine's Day sweets and treats


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Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Children editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

February is right around the edge, bringing with it Valentine’s Day. If you are trying to find a simple means to commemorate love with your little sweeties, why not amaze them with some unique Valentine’s Day food?

Heart Shaped

With a cookie cutter or a knife, cut their food into a heart shape as well as typical every-day peanut butter and jelly becomes special. There are lots of foods that provide themselves to this easy, heart-shaped trick that’d make a fun Valentine’s Day twist such as apples, cheese, or your favored cookie dish.

Do not forget those X and O cookie cutters from your alphabet collection, too. We could constantly use extra caress and kisses! Or, you can serve red and pink food, not from food dye, but food that’s naturally found in these cupid-friendly colors, such as red peppers, beets, purple cauliflower, red grapes, and more.

From breakfast to dessert, here is a round of up heart-y treats! (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun)

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Are you looking for a reason to get begun with a family feast tradition? Valentine’s Day may be simply the reason you are searching for.

If a Valentine’s Day breakfast is what’s on your mind, I think heart shaped pancakes are adorable – perhaps with heart shaped butter pats? Morning meal parfaits might be fun, too.

Here are some even more Valentine’s Day concepts:


    Snacks and Sweet Treats

    We made these peanut butter eggs from The Whimsical Princess (instead of shortening, I used butter) and made them into peanut butter heart shapes. We loved them! They were an extremely sweet treat that I did not feel too badly giving to my kids.

    Other snacks and sweet ideas:


      Fun Valentine’s Day treat making supplies

      • Alphabet cookie cutters (for X’s and O’s)
      • Heart shaped sandwich cutter
      • Hearts paper straws
      • Printable Valentine’s Day lunchbox notes

      Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers! Of course, I hope your days are always fulled of hugs and kisses and those you enjoy.

      Are you trying to find more Valentine’s Day ideas? Check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.