Vegan Cake Pops By GreenChef Callie England

rawxy vegan pop cakes 02 Vegan Cake Pops By GreenChef Callie England

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Photographer: Callie England

Let it be understood, I’m that lady who’ll one day make origami animals out of my kids’s sandwiches.

After spending eons of time obsessing over cake pops, I lastly had the chance to make them for a vacation party that my mother and I hosted Wednesday night. Exactly what I thought would be a simple task, wound up consuming 3 whole days of spare time. I kid you knot, it made premium raw food, appear easy! It’s something to dehydrate for 24 hours, however it’s a whole other thing, to in fact be doing something for 24 hours! Let us simply state, I questioned my peace of mind far a lot of times than I am comfortable with in those 3 days.

Work aside however, the final result was absolutely nothing but total gratification. And although I informed mom I ‘d never ever make these once again, I’ve actually already started to plan cake pops for Valentines Day– Exactly what can I state, It’s difficult to reject my genetic make-up …

So with that, below is the vegan friendly, oh-so-not-healthy, cake pop dish:

rawxy vegan pop cakes 01 Vegan Cake Pops By GreenChef Callie England

For the Vegan Cake Pops

2 boxes of vanilla Duncan Hines cake mix (vegan)

1.5 containers of vanilla Duncan Hines frosting (vegan)

3 bags of ghirardelli semi-sweet chips (vegan)

2 containers of vacation sugar sprinkles

1 package of wilton treat bags

3 rolls of ornamental bow cut into 7-8 ″ strips.

Instructions For Vegan Cake Pops:
1. Cook cakes according to instructions– utilize your favored egg replacer. As soon as cakes are cooked and have actually cooled, falls apart cakes into a large mixing bowl. Include frosting and mix well (I heated the frosting a bit to make the blending a bit much easier).
2. When cake and icing are blended well (dough-like consistency), utilize a small cookie scoop and scoop equal parts onto a cookie sheet. Roll cake blend into balls and location in refrigerator for a few hours.
3. Melt chocolate chips in a double broiler.
4. Take one end of the lollipop stick and dip in chocolate (about 1 cm worth). Stick end of stick into the middle of cake ball and reserved. Continue with the remainder of the cake balls– then let sit in fridge till firm.
5. Take one cake pop on stick and dip in melted chocolate. Swirl pop on the side of pan gently to avoid an excess build up of chocolate.
6. Sprinkle cake pop with sprinkles.
7. Place cake pop right side up in styrofoam and let cool.
8. As soon as cake pops have actually cooled, cover with a small wilton treat bag and tie with ribbon.
9. Now, rest and prepare for a long night !!
10. And, repeat a million times more

For the sticks:
1 roll red satin ribbon
2 packages of wilton 6 ″ lollipop sticks

Using a hot glue gun, secure top of ribbon to one end of a lollipop stick. Spiral bow down and secure at bottom.

If you’ve more balls than you do sticks, make cake ball truffles!

One word: Delicious. For such an elementary dish (cake box mix, what !?), these are quite darn excellent. My co-workers were obsessed, keeping in mind that they ‘tasted like chocolate chip biscuit dough’ and that they were ‘the very best vegan food ever’… Ha– I like it!

rawxy vegan pop cakes 03 Vegan Cake Pops By GreenChef Callie England
rawxy vegan pop cakes 04 Vegan Cake Pops By GreenChef Callie England

rawxy vegan pop cakes 05 Vegan Cake Pops By GreenChef Callie England