Week Long Weight Gain Diet Plan

If you’re underweight and wish to put on extra pounds, you can gain weight by following a specialized strategy. Weight gain focuses on the number of calories you consume and the variety of calories you burn. Elements such as genetic makeups and your activity level affect the rate at which you put on weight. Enhance your calorie consumption with healthy foods to put on weight over the course of one week.


Gaining weight requires eating more, but this doesn’t indicate you must fill on processed food. Consuming foods high in saturated fats, fine-tuned sugars and salt may help improve your daily calorie totals, however unhealthy foods can enhance your risk for conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. You need to increase your calorie intake with a balance of healthy, unrefined foods like veggies, whole grains, fruits, great fats like nuts and seeds, lean beef, chicken, fish and low-fat milk.


Your 2 or three full meals each day must be converted into five to 6 smaller sized meals daily. Having a meal every three hours keeps a consistent flow of calories entering your body and increases energy levels. Don’t skip any meals, getting all your meals in every day is important when attempting to enhance your weight throughout a week. You need to have a serving of protein and carbs at each meal. As an example, have 6 to 8 oz. of grilled whitefish, 1 cup of entire grain pasta and 1 cup of asparagus.


You need to increase your calorie intake to place on extra weight. According to the National Federation of Professional Trainers, your regular calorie total requires an extra of at least 3,500 calories to get 1 lb. Enhance your calories by 500 per day to acquire 1 lb. each week. Gradually increase your calories to assist you gain weight in a safe way. You can monitor your calorie consumption with a food journal.


You must visit your doctor before changing your diet plan to gain weight. The amount of weight you obtain in one week can vary due to your body composition and metabolic rate. Consider employing the aid of a dietitian to help you determine the right amount of calories for your physique and activity levels.