What Dieters Pack for Lunch

What Dieters Pack for Lunch

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Packing your own lunch is a smart way to control calories and save cash. Exactly what you pack for lunch relies on whether you’ve access to a refrigerator or microwave at work. If you don’t have a location to keep your lunch chilled, pack foods that withstand putridity. You need to keep foods below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 140 F to prevent wasting.

Refrigerator Plus Microwave Meals

If you’ve a refrigerator and microwave at work or school, you can pack healthy leftovers from supper. Plan ahead and make extra portions of lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains for your lunch. Salads and fresh fruit add additional vitamins and couple of calories. If you do not have leftovers, hard-boiled eggs and fresh vegetables make a nutrient-rich, no-fuss meal. If you live near to work, a low-calorie packaged frozen dish is a quick option for extra-busy days.

Vacuum Bottle Meals

Vacuum or thermos bottles will keep soups or stews hot for numerous hours. Take remaining soup, stew or chili and microwave it in the early morning before packing it for lunch. Pastas with low-fat tomato or veggie sauce, stir french fries with rice, vegetables and lean meat or tofu or Indian dals with pilaf can also fit in a wide-mouth vacuum container for a low-fat lunch. Another option is a homemade smoothie with a side of fresh vegetables.

Spoilage-Resistant Meals

If you do not have access to a fridge, avoid eggs, meat, milk and dairy-based spreads unless particularly packaged to resist wasting. Fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, nut butters, breads and vacuum-packaged foods, such as specific packets of soy milk, peanut butter or water-packed tuna will remain fresh at room temperature level. Pack sandwich active ingredients, such as pieces of whole-grain bread, cheese or nut butter and veggies, in separate sandwich bags so they will not get soaked. Eco-friendly salad garnished with nuts, cheese and low-fat dressing, bean salad and pasta salad are excellent spoilage-resistant lunches. Mix protein powder with a bundle of soy milk to add a protein boost to a meal of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Bring your very own beverages to prevent the expenditure and temptation of sweet sodas. Plug an economical immersion heater into a outlet and submerge it in a mug of water to boil water for an antioxidant-rich cup of green tea or a caffeine-free organic tea. Mix a little, single-serving packet of pure fruit juice with water for a rewarding cool beverage or keep single serving packets or cans of vitamin-rich vegetable juices in your desk or backpack. Bring your very own recyclable water bottle to work or school and sip water throughout the day to reduce appetite and help you adhere to your diet.