What Do You Eat or Drink When You Are Exercising a Lot?

What Do You Eat or Drink When You Are Exercising a Lot?

Even if you’re in the very best shape of your life, you cannot exercise successfully without the correct food and drink. The things you eat and drink can either provide you more energy or make you slow. Eating both before and after you work out will offer you the best outcomes, whether you are choosing a walk around the block or training for a marathon.


Staying hydrated is essential when you’re exercising, given that dehydration can make you lightheaded and tired, raise your danger of cardiovascular anxiety and harm your workout performance. You can become hydrated during any physical activity, consisting of those that don’t cause you to sweat or those that are performed in water. Drink a minimum of one full glass of water during the 2 hours before you start exercise. When you are doing light or moderate exercise like strolling, running or yoga, continue consuming water throughout the workout. Take a sip every couple of minutes.

Sports Drinks

If you frequently work out vigorously, you are sweating out tons of electrolytes, or salts, that are essential for your cells to work effectively. Sports beverages include salts, so they’re the best beverage to pick when you are exercising for even more than an hour at a time or doing any high-intensity exercise that triggers you to sweat profusely, like biking, running or lifting weights. Select a bottle of sports drink that’s between 6 and 8 percent carbs.


Carbohydrates give you energy and your body digests them rapidly, so they are the ideal foods to eat before you exercise. Avoid protein prior to working out, given that it takes longer to digest and can weigh you down. Consume wheat crackers, yogurt, pasta or energy bars an hour before exercising. Fruits are likewise packed with carbohydrates, and they are ideal if you are attempting to drop weight given that they are low in calories. Treat on a banana or a handful of berries to get ready for a workout.


Protein helps refuel your energy and helps your stressed muscle tissue repair service itself, so eating protein-heavy food after workout prepare you for your next exercise. Meat and nuts are some of the best sources of protein, but these foods are really high in fat so you’ve to choose very carefully. Consume lean chicken, tofu or salmon after an exercise. Including some carbs to your post-workout meal will also assist restore your energy. Cheese and crackers or trail mix that consists of both nuts and dried fruits will certainly re-energize you.