What Foods Should I Eat to Gain Weight Faster?

To gain weight much faster, you need to enhance your complete calorie intake. You can do this by increasing the portion sizes of your normal foods, and by including brand-new foods to your routine diet. The healthiest foods for putting on weight are nutrient-dense and low in filled fat and sugars.


High-carbohydrate foods, such as pasta, rice, and bread can assist you gain weight much faster. Yeast breads are the second most significant source of calories in the American diet plan, and pasta dishes are 7th, according to the 2010 Dietary Standards from the U.S. Department of Wellness and Human Services. If you already consume these foods frequently, simply increase your portion size for added calories. Entire grain selections, such as whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and whole-grain bread, are more healthy than the majority of refined selections, but the variety of calories is similar.


Fats supply 9 calories per gram, so you can quickly increase your calorie consumption including healthy fats in your diet plan. For instance, prior to a meal, you can dip your bread in heart-healthy olive oil rather of eating it plain. You can also spread butter, which has 100 calories per tbsp., on bread, toast, muffins and pancakes, however this isn’t a healthy option since butter is high unsaturated fat, which raises levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in your blood. For additional healthy fats, add avocado to your sandwiches or salads.


Use high-calorie spreads and dips to gain weight faster. Peanut butter and nut butters offer about 100 calories per tbsp., and hummus with garbanzo beans and oil has about 25 calories per tablespoon. Cream cheese, with 100 calories per oz., is another high-fat spread that can help you gain weight, but it’s likewise high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Sweet spreads, such as fruit jams and protects, have even more than 50 calories per tbsp., but they’re high in sugars and low in other nutrients.

Trail Mix

Trail mix can assist you gain weight much faster due to the fact that you can buy or make a high-calorie combine with your favorite ingredients. Lug it around with you so that it’s easily accessible throughout the day. Peanuts, nuts and seeds are healthy selections due to the fact that they’re high in healthy unsaturated fats, protein and nutritional fiber. Dried fruit’s high in potassium and fiber and can have as much as 400 calories per cup. Chocolate or peanut butter chips include extra calories, but not crucial nutrients.