Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken Pockets

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When we began Big Ladies, Little Kitchen, we did not do any real marketing research. That’s common of blogging, or at least it was in 2008. We just figured that other twentysomethings experienced the same restricted resources-space, time, money, skill-that we did. We tried to have compassion with their cooking hang-ups and hoped they’d sympathize with ours.

Recently, in a brainstorming session, a company coach of mine asked a roomful of individuals where they got their dishes. His purpose, to reveal me to think about the competition, rapidly became clear. However that competition was various than I thought of, according to my randomly chosen, completely unscientific sample. While I entered thinking I ‘d read about the other blog sites my colleagues were checking out, instead I found out that they cooked from ‘household dishes,’ ‘my head,’ and ‘recipes from the back of the box.’

Humbled by my blog-centric reasoning, I quickly discovered myself influenced to check out recipes on the back of every box I encountered. The kosher salt carton. The Annie’s soba noodle packet (make that dressing!). The package of grated cheddar cheese.

The latter is where I initially came across the concept of barbecue chicken wraps, a concept that lodged itself in the recipe-ideation area of my brain.

I hope you don’t scoff that these are lowbrow, simply because of where I got the idea. You, too, should’ve some household recipe that truly originated from the back of the bag of chocolate chips or the can of sweetened condensed milk. Right?

Whatever their origin, these back-of-the-bag barbecue chicken pockets solve a post-Memorial Day predicament of quarter-lifers and city-dwellers I don’t require marketing research to comprehend: how you can bring summertime into the kitchen area when you lack a deck and a grill. The response, in this case, is that you simply splash roasted chicken in barbecue sauce and roll it up in a wrap, using mustard for some kick, mayo for a little splendor, greens for balance, and melty cheese to seal the wallet together.

Now, what’d that roomful of peers state?


Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken Pockets
Makes 1 wrap, easily doubled

Obviously, I don’t think that covers suck. If you do, maybe you’ll utilize 2 slices of bread to make this into a grilled cheese sandwich.

Olive oil
Two handfuls fresh green spinach or various other greens like kale or collards, slivered
1 whole wheat wrap
Dijon Mustard
1 / 3 cup chopped white meat chicken (below’s how I make mine on Sunday times, you can likewise use meat from a purchased rotisserie chicken)
1 tbsp barbecue sauce
1 / 4 cup loosely packed grated cheddar cheese

Heat a little pan over medium-high heat and film it with olive oil. Include the green spinach and spray with salt. Cook til the leaves are wilted, stirring, about 2 minutes (slightly longer for collards or kale). Get rid of to a bowl and squeeze in a paper towel to get rid of all extra fluid. (Otherwise, your wrap will be soggy.)

Heat a dry cast iron pan over average heat for five minutes, till quite hot.

Place the wrap on a plate. Microwave for 10 seconds, until pliable. Spread the facility of the wrap with a little mayo and mustard. Pile on the chicken, then sprinkle on the barbecue sauce. Arrange the prepared spinach on top of the chicken. Sprinkle with the cheddar.

Wrap up, embeding the sides as you go.

Turn the heat to medium-low and put the wrap, seam side down in the pan. Cook for 5 minutes, readjusting the heat so that the wrap does not burn. The cheese needs to help the seam sear closed. Flip the wrap and cook for 4 to 5 minutes on the 3rd side. Cut in half and serve.

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