Why Frozen Fruit Cream May Be The Ice Cream Junkies New BFF

Fruit Cream

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Let us face it, everyone understands that summertime time indicates after supper we venture to our neighborhood ice cream store and all of us scream for ice cream! Sadly, everyone also understands that ice cream can be a tasty and smooth dessert with a significant down fall of additional calories, sugar and fat.

Although those extra calories, fat and sugar could make our frozen treats tastier, its not the only method to make and take your ice cream. Its real! And if you are worried that by quiting traditional ice cream you’ll also be sacrificing the creamy, indulgent taste you enjoy – think once again! There’s an alternative method to get your ice cream fix AND lower the quantity of additional calories you take in without compromising taste. The answer? Frozen fruit creams!

I am a firm follower in celebrating and purchasing that biscuit dough flurry every once in a while (I’d mine last week) and not taking a minute to be sorry for the choice. Every little thing in moderation though, right? The key to small amounts, specifically if you are an ice cream junkie, is to try desserts that are similar in texture and will calm your yearnings.

All you require is one cup of frozen fruit such as strawberries or blueberries and at least two frozen bananas. Get your mixer and puree the frozen bananas one half at a time, rotating halves with your various other frozen fruit. When you are done you’ll be entrusted a reduced calorie, sweet and creamy fruit-cream that’ll leave you loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber! You can easily include toppings such as granola, additional fruit, chopped nuts or toasted coconut … the options and tastes are endless.

All in all, ice cream is delicious, creamy and fattening. Fruit-cream is tasty, creamy and healthy! Have your ice cream cones occasionally however do not hesitate to get your household hooked on this sweetly refreshing deals with too.

Have you try out frozen fruit creams before? What’s your favorite combination?