Why I'm Still On The Fence About My Vegan Diet

I have a love/hate relationship with the vegan diet. How do I indicate? Some days I enjoy it and other days I want cheese. Oh man, do I really want a lot cheese! I started explore the diet plan about two years back, and since then, I’ve seen some wonderful benefits. Buuutt, doing it has certainly come at a cost. So I have actually finally pertained to the conclusion that living a healthy and balanced way of living is more helpful than attempting to be extremely on one side. To help you get inside my brain – where I understand all readers wish to go – I’ve detailed a couple of pros and cons below that I encountered throughout my trip.

PRO: I LIKE Range In My Food

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Experimenting with a vegan diet opened me approximately so many brand-new fruits, veggies and protein sources. These kinds of foods seldom found their way on my plate 2 years earlier. Nowadays, I search the fruit and vegetables aisle like a guy on a mission for everything green!

CON:  I Love Ice Cream

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I likewise like Greek yogurt and sushi (not at the same time). There are lots of healthy foods that I would miss out on if I decided to be 100 % vegan. I imply, I can never ever have another grilled cheese or lobster roll again ?!

PRO:  I Do Not Miss Meat

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One of the more important reasons that a vegan diet works for me is the reality that I do not miss meat. Although I still consume meat on celebration, I do not have yearnings or the need for it. I have actually never ever been a big meat eater so I really feel I might offer it up and not look back. Despite the fact that, these healthy cheeseburgers do look remarkable!

CON:  I Hate Tofu

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This so called “food item” simply doesn’t do it for me. I have actually tried it prepared numerous different ways, however I can’t seem to get over the reality it advises me of a damp sponge. For those trying to find alternative protein sources, I suggest attempting tempeh rather.

PRO: I Have An Enhance In Energy


Cutting out animal products and replacing them with quality foods has actually increased my energy drastically. Eco-friendly smoothie mixes for morning meal have cut down my need for coffee and lighter meals permit me to still be chipper after lunch. Did I just utilize words chipper? Yes, yes I did.

CON: I Prepare Food ALL. WEEK. LONG.


My brand-new found energy is invested preparing meals for the week like chili, vegetable hamburgers, and soups. Since fresh fruits and vegetables do not have a terrific service life, it needs trips to the establishment a number of times a week. Because, I would choose not to eat bags of frozen curly fries for dinner … Really that sounds delicious.

PRO: I No Longer Have Digestion Problems

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I noticed this immediately with the change in my diet plan. By removing products like butter and milk, my system seems to run more efficiently. Previous belly concerns that were occurring routinely have now vanished. I’ll spare you the information.

CON: I Cannot Take pleasure in Dining Out

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This is probably the hardest thing and most significant reason about why I’m on the fence about my vegan diet. As we know, a lot of restaurants do not deal with vegans with special menu products. And no, I do not desire a bowl of iceberg lettuce with croutons. Butter, milk, and cream all have the tendency to be concealed inside food on the menu.

PRO:  I Support Planet Earth

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Adopting a vegan lifestyle can be healthier for our planet. Ecological costs are higher when it concerns eating animal items and we also require the use of even more resources by doing this. It ain’t easy being green however it deserves it. Simply ask Kermit the Frog.

CON: I Still Suffer From Peer Pressure

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Although I seem like I’m doing my kindness by consuming a vegan diet, pressure from good friends can be difficult to deal with. There are always comments, jokes and consistent concerns that show up.’Why are you so skinny?”Where do you get your protein?”How does that kale burger taste?’ Hmm, on second thought, maybe I need some brand-new pals.