Woman Dislocates Jaw Eating A Giant Hamburger

juicy american hamburger

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If I informed you that a Liverpudlian woman had her jaw dislocated at a restaurant, you ‘d presume it was assault or a bar battle or something, right? You ‘d be wrong. Her jaw was dislocated by a sandwich.

Nicole Peate ordered the ‘Kids In America’ burger at Virtually Famous Burgers & Booze in Liverpool. The sandwich boasts three beef patties, pretzels and candied bits of bacon. I think it’s tasteless to perpetuate the ‘Americans are such fatties’ stereotype considering the excessive weight rates around the world and the famous custom of English food as bland and unhealthy, however it’s also tasteless for me to talk about that right now considering Peate is still in recovery for her regrettable jaw injury.

Though Peate has Ehlers-Danlos disorder, a condition that consists of highly flexible and delicate joints vulnerable to dislocation, not even she presumed a hamburger would trigger her this type of injury. Figured out to consume her burger, Peate attempted to utilize a fork and knife to make daintier bites, but found it was still too uncomfortable for her to open her mouth.

Still in pain the day after the hamburger event, Peate went to Royal Liverpool College Healthcare facility for X-rays which confirmed that her jaw was undoubtedly knocked right out of place. A physician rapidly popped it right back into place using simply his hands. The pain disappeared right away after her mouth bones were gone back to their appropriate position, however Peate has been urged not to yawn too widely and to take little bites for a few weeks while she recuperates.

According to The Herald Sun, Nearly Famous Burgers & Liquor has invited Peate back to their dining establishment to make an additional attempt at the burger that harmed her face. They have generously offered to offer her with utensils and emergency pain killers.

None of this would’ve even taken place if we can unhinging our jaws like snakes, or if people did not firmly insist on stacking sandwiches so high.

Story through Gawker and The Herald Sun / / Image through Shutterstock