You Can Now Take Your Green Juice With Vodka, Because The First Superfood Cocktail Bar Is Open In London

Superfood Cocktail, dietSometimes, a long day asks for a stiff beverage.

And now in Europe, you can sip away your day with ‘What the Doctor Ordered:’ A mix of vodka, lemon, beets, carrot, sweet potato, raw honey, ginger, lavender bitter and chia seeds, at the first superfood cocktail bar in London.

If you’re thinking, ‘Wait, they want me to juice while I consume?’ well, then you ‘d be proper. The unusual principle is the creation of Tanya Maher, a raw food specialist and health coach. After understanding the power (superpower?) of raw food, she turned it into a profession, opening Tanya’s Coffee shop within the MyHotel in Chelsea.

There, clients can order sweet potato gin and tonics, walnut-infused vodka, and other special cocktails combining the magic of superfoods and alcohol. Menu products consist of only natural spirits, superfoods and cold-pressed juices, and the idea is designed to reflect customer’s busy schedules while supplying nourishment at any time of day.

And although juicing with liquor sounds outrageous (due to the fact that it is), a representative for Neal’s Lawn Remedies, who equip the superfoods Tanya makes use of, assert the principle isn’t really disadvantageous. Instead, it offers a ‘innovative healthy spin on a few of our most celebratory drinks.’

Hm, okay.

People will certainly consume practically anything with ‘juice’ or displaying a ‘healthy’ label, nevertheless superficial it may be, nowadays– add liquor, and you’ve got a killer product! While previously, you could depend on celebrities to be touting Starbucks cups everywhere, you can now see starlets like Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr drinking smoothie mixes or talking about how juicing helps with their near-flawless skin tone. In truth, superfoods have ended up being so popular (remember your BFF kale?) that 61 percent of people have actually bought a food just because it had actually been identified a ‘superfood,’ according to the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

Tanya's Cafe Menu, nutrition

According to one of Tanya’s mixologists, hangovers will not be an issue, thanks to chia seeds holding 10 times their weight in water, assisting to beat hydration.

I feel like these superfood lovers have taken a couple of a lot of healthy smoothies to the face … alcohol is alcohol. And occasionally, no amount of water can treat your hangover.

I think I’ll keep my superfoods and liquor different. When I’m drinking a green juice smoothie mix, I don’t always wish to get a buzz. I want to seem like I’m kindly contributing each one of these vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy buzzword-sounding foods into my body– not canceling them out with alcohol.