You Know The Bar Is Pretty Low When McDonald's Is Bragging That Their Food Is Digestible

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I can not say I understand your brand-new advertising strategy, McDonald’s, however I value you doing something unusual adequate to captivate me on this lazy Friday morning.

I found out four things by seeing Super Size Me in a senior high school gym class: 1) Physical education is precisely as boring when you’re sitting on a gymnastics mat seeing a motion picture as it is when you’re playing a halfhearted game of badminton, 2) director Morgan Spurlock is quite dreamy, 3) you can still crave McDonald’s fries when you see how bad they are for your body, and 4) McDonalds’ food does NOT go bad.

Even if you’ve never seen it, you’ve probably become aware of that infamous scene in Super Size Me where Morgan puts McDonald’s food in sealed jars and observes how little they decay in time. While a hamburger and fries from a regular restaurant turn black and white and fuzzy after a couple of days, the Mickey D’s food continues to be in tact for a disturbing length of time. It’s difficult to suggest with the proof that their food is chock filled with weird chemicals … but McDonald’s is trying their hardest to kill that ‘rumor’ dead. In a new series of YouTube videos, they take us on a journey through among their meat manufacturing facilities to reveal that their food does, in fact, rot. They even launched this uplifting statement:

You may have seen experiments which seem to reveal no decomposition in our food. Most most likely, this is because the food has dehydrated before any noticeable wear and tear could occur.

I’m not exactly sure how that explains the fact that OTHER burgers decayed simply great inside those little jars, however I’m not going to stress over it too much. We all understand that McDonald’s isn’t really natural food. If you’re planning to consume something that will provide you nutrients and energy and, like … food qualities, you’re not going to a drive-thru. (Perhaps someplace like In-N-Out or a local place that’s producing less hamburgers each day will not eliminate you as fast, however let’s be real. It’s still not doing your body any big favors.) I’m going to keep consuming Taco Bell when every PMS week and McDonald’s fries when I’m drunk, and I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Even if it’s never ever decomposing inside me. Even if you can cut me open upon my death and count the rings of convenience food that still line my stomach.

Our food. Your concerns. Is McDonald’s beef real?