5 Ways to Binge-Watch TV Without Blowing Your Diet

vegan diet5 Ways to Binge-Watch TV Without Blowing Your Diet

If you’re binge watching House of Cards or Grace and Frankie like I am, you’ll most likely prefer to recognize exactly how to stay clear of mindlessly munching hundreds of calories when you’re drawn into watching episode after episode.

Binge-watching is a THING, many thanks to the outstanding variety of collection as well as reveals that are on costs networks and also streaming services. When the next episode starts just 10 secs after the previous one finished, it takes self-discipline to quit watching, when your mind is informing you, “just one even more episode.” According to a recent study by Dole Packaged Foods, the typical binge-watching session clocks in around 5 hours.

Watching TV and also snacking commonly go together, which could end up being a diet regimen disaster. Regular night snacks, like salted chips, ice cream, crackers and also cheese can include 500 calories or more throughout hours-long watching sessions. And, because your mind is distracted by whatever Frank Underbrush or Frankie are doing, your mind doesn’t supply the typical hints to your belly to that tell you that you’re full.

The good news is that the same Dole study discovered that more compared to two-thirds of people prefer healthy snacks when watching TV. Here are five dietitian-recommended tricks to turn up the nutrients and also decline the calories during your following Netflix binge:

  1. Opt for snacks that are low in undesirable saturated fat, added sugars as well as empty calories like salted chips, sweet, baked goods or frozen desserts.
  2. Keep your kitchen equipped with better-for-you choices that are easily obtainable, like a fruit dish on the counter, cut veggies in the fridge along with ready-to-eat Dole Jarred Fruit. This way, when you’re searching for a nosh, you could whip up something helpful for you in between episodes or during an industrial break. Dole Jarred Fruit provides fruit as needed and also can be found in resealable containers which contain five full servings!
  3. The best treats offer fiber, to assist you really feel fuller on less calories. Fantastic alternatives are fruits, veggies and also whole grains. Several of my favorite TELEVISION snacks consist of air-popped snacks, chia as well as fruit dessert, as well as fruit and also yogurt parfaits as well as fresh-cut veggies with hummus.
  4. When you’re craving delicious chocolate, start with fruit and dip in dissolved delicious chocolate and also appear the fridge freezer. It will be prepared by the end of the next episode.
  5. Keep added snacks in the cooking area and concealed, to ensure that you need to make an initiative to get secs. When food is out of view, it’s a lot more most likely to be from mouth.

Find extra fast and very easy treats that could be made throughout an industrial break at dolesunshine.com.

Tropical Fruit and also Yogurt Parfait


1 kiwi, sliced

1/2 mug Dole Jarred Pineapple Chunks

1/ 2 mug nonfat plain Greek yogurt

1 Tablespoon coconut


Layer fruit and also yogurt in a tiny glass or jar. Leading with shredded coconut.


Peaches and Cream Waffles


1 whole wheat waffledetox diet

2 tbsps nonfat plain Greek yogurt

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 mug Dole Jarred Sliced Peaches, drained

2 teaspoons chopped walnuts, toasted 


Toast entire wheat waffle. Integrate yogurt with cinnamon. Top waffle with sliced up peaches and also yogurt.



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