Augmented Reality Relieves Phantom Limb Pain

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We have fantastic news for all you enhanced fact addicts. A brand-new research has discovered that it may assist to relieve the discomfort people really feel when they experience a phantom limb.

Augmented reality might be the answer phantom arm or leg discomfort patients have actually been looking for.

Phantom limb discomfort happens in individuals that have actually had an arm or leg amputated however experience agonizing feelings that show up to come from their missing limb. The majority of amputees experience some pain after the procedure, however, for some it could proceed for extended periods. This ends up being excruciating, leading to:

  • poor quality of life
  • worse disability
  • poor mental health
  • greater difficulty in prothesis

Max Ortiz Catalan is from Chalmers University of Innovation in Sweden as well as the lead author of the research. He says:

” Phantom limb discomfort is a difficult condition to treat that could seriously prevent people’ lifestyle.’

So How Did They Discover That Increased Fact Helps?

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Researchers researches 14 people that have actually experienced phantom arm or leg discomfort for between two and 36 years. These clients had actually not profited from existing treatments.

Researchers positioned sensors on the patients stumps to detect muscular activity in the missing out on limb. These signals were fed into the computer to create an energetic virtual limb on the computer system screen.

Patients after that under went a three stage therapy process:

  1. Training the virtual limb
  2. Driving a virtual car race
  3. Copying the onscreen movements of the limb with their phantom motions in 12 2 hour therapy sessions

Patients after that ranked their degrees of phantom pain prior to, throughout as well as after treatment. Along with in life and throughout sleep. After the treatment they also had comply with up sessions at 3 as well as six month factors. This is the first research to follow up with phantom limb patients as much as 6 months after treatment.

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The results were:

  • A 32% decrease in the intensity of pain.
  • A 51% reduction hurting quality.
  • A 47% reduction in duration and frequency.
  • A 43% reduction in the interruption of everyday life.
  • A 61% reduction is rest disruption.
  • A reduction from 12 to 6 clients feeling consistent pain.
  • Stabbing, fatiguing discomfort ended up being less common.

This study was released in the Lancet Journal.

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