Do You Burn More Calories With a Sauna Suit on While Exercising?

Sauna matches are implied to resemble the result of sitting in a sauna by keeping the body heat from releasing and requiring the body to sweat even more. While numerous expert athletes, such as wrestlers, slim down rapidly making use of a sauna fit, the fat burning is short-lived. Putting on a sauna suit can likewise lead to wellness complications if utilized too much.

How It Works

Sweating is the body’s method of eliminating extra heat. When you work out, or otherwise raise the temperature of the body, the gland are signaled and release fluid onto the skin to cool it down. Sauna matches keep the sweat in and do not let it evaporate, which causes you to sweat even more. In concept, this will likewise trigger the body to burn even more calories since of the extra heat, but no researches have actually shown that this is true.

Water Weight

Although sweating a large amount can result in a weight loss, the loss is short-lived. You gain the weight back when you drink an equivalent quantity of fluid or begin eating once more, according to strength and conditioning specialist Stew Smith at Unlike fat loss, which is triggered by burning more calories than you take in, the weight management from a sauna match is just in the form of water and electrolytes.


In addition to being uncomfortable, using a sauna suit can cause wellness dangers if utilized too much. Dehydration, dizziness, weakness, muscle aches and fainting, as well as heat stroke can result from the rapid loss of water weight that’s triggered by a sauna match. In addition to health threats, people who’re overheated can not work out as hard as they’d typically, which can cause fewer calories being burned, according to Gary Hunter, a nutrition professor at the University of Alabama.


Burning calories is essential in losing and maintaining weight. While sauna matches can help get competitive athletes who’ve to weigh a specific amount to compete down to their wanted weight, there’s no evidence that shows using a match provides any advantage in caloric expenditure in the short-term or long-term. The best method to burn calories, drop weight and keep healthy, is through a mix of workout and proper weight loss.

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