Healthy Portable Snack Ideas That Are Good for Athletes

An athlete requires a variety of products to feel ready– athletic equipment, breathable clothing, a beverage and treats to keep him going. The primary energy source the body draws from during exercise is carbs, and snacks which contain them, in addition to traces of healthy fats and lean protein, are ideal for strengthening an athelete’s energy.


Lean protein and complex carbohydrates fulfill in a raw fish and rice combination called sushi. Portable nigiri, a type of sushi with pieces of rice covered with pieces of fish, and sushi rolls are readily available fresh in many high-end supermarket. For an included carbohydrate boost, select brown rice sushi and add a side of young soybeans called edamame, which offer even more nutrition per calorie than almost all other foods.

Turkey Sandwich

A turkey sandwich with avocado, low-fat cheese, sprouts and tomato is a high-carbohydrate, lean protein snack that’ll certainly invigorate your energy without straining your digestive tract. Try it with white whole-wheat bread, which is softer than routine entire wheat, and consists of the very same level of nutrients.

Bagel, Fruit and Nuts

A whole-grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese, fruit and nuts is high in carbs and healthy fats. Numerous chain bagel retail outlets offer fruit and nut toppings, however making the snack in the house is also a choice. Try it with dried out figs and almonds, or blueberries and walnuts.

Spiced Chicken Salad Pita

Fill a whole-wheat pita with a cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and chili powder spiced chicken breast sliced and integrated with olive oil, celery, currants and cashews. A side of carrot sticks and cottage cheese adds fiber to slow the absorption of carbohydrates, which sustains energy.

Pretzels, Yogurt and Fig Newtons

Snack concepts readily available for a fast purchase at the majority of grocery stores are pretzels, yogurt and fig newtons. They each offer intricate carbs, and yogurt offers healthy fats, protein and probiotics that settle a delicate stomach, which may be required for those eating midexercise.

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