If You Think You Overindulge, This Cookie Dough Eating Challenge Will Prove You Wrong

ice cream bowl

I’ll most likely be investing my 60s in the doctor’s workplace, paying the price for my college dormitory practice of eating Pillsbury cookie dough out of a tube like it was going out of style. I may have gained the Freshman 15 … and lost a few of my self-respect … however I discovered to appreciate the art of low-cost desserts. Fortunately, I’ve actually never been alone. Several of my friends joined me on my journey to disgustingness back in those college days, and this dude on the internet is means grosser (and cooler) than I have ever been. Matt Stonie, a competitive eater, had the fantastic idea to build a large ice cream bowl out of 8,850 calories worth of cookie dough.

cookie dough bowl

Matt chronicled his experience on his YouTube channel, where you sometimes view him squeeze troubling quantities of dessert into a bowl made out of troubling quantities of dessert. ‘Easily the most high calorie YouTube video challenge I have ever done, ever,’ he says in the video. ‘Eighteen pounds of dessert, a 120 pounds of human. This is 15 % of my body weight. Let us see how huge of a damage I can put into it.’ He then proceeds to gulf it down. Like, most of it. He gets his face down in the bowl, smiles confidently, and acts like he’s doing something great for humankind. I suggest, I was very entertained viewing him go at it for 11 minutes, so in a manner, I think he is.

matt stonie

I can’t choose if I wish to be Matt, go out with him, or call him an ambulance. All I know is that the body can amazing things. Fantastic things that I’ve no interest in replicating. You are a braver man than I, Matt Stonie. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go rewatch you sucking up melted ice cream and stabbing a hunk of cookie.

eating the bowl

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