Lunch Meal Options

Prepare nutritious lunches before bed to avoid rushing in the morning.

A nutritious lunch is essential to great mental and physical wellness. It can also help you avoid that notorious midafternoon energy crash and dissuades undesirable snacking prior to supper. Too commonly, though, hectic folks push aside a lunch break in order to make room for work, errands or other obligations. Fortunately, there are numerous no-hassle lunch meal alternatives that fit quickly into a busy workday. To prevent last-minute planning and messy food storage, prepare your lunch in the evening before bed. Strive to include foods that supply an array of nutrients and will take a trip well.


Forget about the careless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you traded for cookies and fruit roll-ups in grade school. Keep your lunch delicious and ‘grown up’ with a range of fresh active ingredients. For a restaurant-worthy sandwich, begin with whole-wheat bread and very finely sliced lunch meat. Include tasty additions such as sliced up avocados, hummus, bean sprouts or sliced strawberries. Experiment with bread options, such as pita pockets, tortilla wraps and bagels. ‘Try a crusty baguette or ciabatta,’ advises ‘Top Chef’ head judge Tom Colicchio,’ [which] will certainly hold up well even after it absorbs a few of the juices from the components.’


One of the advantages of preparing a salad for lunch is that active ingredient options are essentially unlimited. Just begin with a base of fresh greens and toss in almost anything else you please. Dried out cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, croutons, olives and grated cheese are all common components that quickly spice up a bland salad. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even add a few deep-fried wonton skins, berries, orzo pasta or sauteed shrimp. If you like a more filling meal, there are also lots of make-ahead salad concepts that replace environment-friendlies with heartier active ingredients. Attempt a salad with barley, black beans and avocados or one with lentils and roasted red peppers.


A reasonably sized serving of whole-wheat pasta is a healthy source of carbs, which will offer you with lots of energy to stay active throughout the remainder of the day. Lots of pasta dishes are simple to prepare, and the majority of reheat nicely. A single, huge dish of pasta, divvied up into separate containers, can supply lunch for numerous days. If you choose to prepare and package the sauce or seasonings separately, toss the pasta with olive oil before saving it. This will avoid the noodles from sticking together after they cool.


Like pasta, soup is easy to prepare in large quantities, shop and reheat. It’s also a nourishing comfort food, perfect for winter season days when a cold salad or sandwich simply will not cut it. Classics such as Italian wedding, chicken noodle and clam chowder are terrific lunch options. Pack warm soup in a well-insulated thermos, separated from cold lunch items. If you are moving the soup from refrigerator to lunchbox, simply package it in a microwave-safe container. Include some crackers, a piece of bread or a roll to take pleasure in with your meal.

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